Environmental Protection

Strong quality awareness is intrinsic to every part of the company and this is reflected in an even stronger sense of environmental responsibility. Balancing economy with ecology in a meaningful way is one of the primary tasks within KMD Group. Responsible use of resources such as raw materials and energy as well as workplaces is an integral part of our corporate strategy.

KMD has a long history of processing copper to make and distribute copper and copper-alloy products. The conversion processes - which include rolling, annealing and surface treatment, coating and other mechanical processes - from raw material right through to finished product are energy-intensive and inevitably consume resources.

By implementing and maintaining our management systems according to DIN EN ISO 1004, DIN EN  ISO 50001 and BS OHSAS 18001, we strive for continuous improvement of the core content of all three of these systems. The management pledge to provide any resources that this requires.

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Responsibility and improvement (KVP)

KMD managers embrace the goals of this policy with as much vigor as other business objectives. Not just managers, but all employees are responsible for improving the company's occupational safety and health protection, environmental protection, and energy efficiency.

We are committed to continuously improving workplace safety, our environmental performance and our energy efficiency, by implementing our management systems. We also undertake to comply with all legal requirements and official obligations that apply to our company.

Occupational health and safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency within the company

Responsible use of natural resources and the core topic of occupational health and safety are taken into particular account in all essential processes and activities of our company.

When designing the processes and operating our technical equipment, we endeavor to reduce our materials and energy usage. We seek long-term improvement in the environment and energy-related performance of our business activities and to guarantee the safety of our employees by optimizing our use of resources, by using state-of-the-art production technology and by applying internal recycling measures. Besides this, we take every opportunity to avoid, reduce or recycle all types of waste.

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Less pollutant and noise emissions

The main focus is on pollution and noise emission, which should be prevented or reduced, and also on the most efficient use of energy and raw materials. When designing company processes, we prefer to purchase and use auxiliary material/operating supplies and production methods with the highest possible energy efficiency. Regarding occupational health and safety, we follow the philosophy of a “zero accident company” in connection with the objective of eliminating work-related illness.