Innovation at the KMD Group is not only reflected in the continuous development of its products, but also in futuristic thinking. We strive for forward-looking planning and development. Only in this way can we always be one step ahead and provide you with the right products for the future markets.



5G or "The Fifth Generation" describes a mobile radio standard of the new generation. With data rates up to 20 Gbit/s and real-time transmission, a new age of digital networking is heralded. This requires our products such as STOL® 75 and C70250, whose properties are perfectly adapted to the needs of the projects.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a topic in higher computer science that deals with automation and machine learning. Our products, such as our high-performance STOL® alloys, are perfectly suited to the needs in this area.

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Artificial Intelligence
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Internet of Things

Internet of Things describes the various new technologies in a global infrastructure of information and communication technologies. IoT allows virtual and physical things to communicate with each other. Our strips, such as Stol® 76M or bronze alloys with a particularly microstructure are predestined for this area.

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New Energy Vehicles

The new drives of the future are not yet clearly defined. You vary between hybrid and electric drive, pure battery operation and or fuel cells. But no matter what will prevail one thing is clear: With our products it does work! As in pure combustion engines, a lot of copper material is used. Our alloys such as Stol® 95 (CuCr-based) or Stol® 76M (CuSn-based) are highly suitable for these applications.

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Electro Mobility

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